We believe that for Asia to have a successful overarching AI strategy, there must be alignment and collaboration between three pillars to ensure technological and financial initiatives are balanced with human needs. To achieve this, the people must be included in the process and they need to have access to educational and technological resources. There must also be specialized training for emerging businesses. Finally, governments must design and execute smart policies that provide responsible frameworks to follow. We believe an active collaboration between these three pillars can have a positive impact on not just the technical implementation of AI, but also the workforce and ultimately people's lives.



Societies are unique groups with common interests. People have similar goals no matter where they live, including access to education, security, and equal opportunities. AI technologies and smart cities may promise a better life, but it is not a forgone conclusion for all. The people of Asia must have a mechanism for making sure they are heard when it comes to AI implementation. People also need access to tools and education to succeed in the coming future of work. will provide guidance and resources for people and their communities, and we will connect them with companies to gain access to technologies, funding and education.

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We engage with both large AI global players and emerging technology companies in the region. Leading AI companies have a responsibility to ensure that AI technologies are implemented ethically and not just to the benefit of the few at the top. This is not only a moral responsibility, but also good business. Including societal interests makes products better and companies more sustainable. Companies that are making a positive impact can also attract talent, giving them a competitive edge. We help these established companies reach out to citizens that can utilize their platforms and technologies to do good.  We also provide example frameworks and case studies on how to implement these technologies ethically. We also help emerging AI businesses by putting them in touch directly with experts and help them connect more with the larger ecosystem for strategy and resources.

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The governments of Asia understand there are huge opportunities when it comes to AI, but also huge threats. For governments that don’t adapt quickly and put in place an AI development and investment strategy, the results could be disastrous. The stakes have never been higher and governments must do all they can to encourage AI research, attract talent, and train new workers. We aim to help governments with their AI strategies, to not only create new opportunities, but also support existing industries, such as food and energy production or electronics manufacturing. We assist governments in finding the right experts to provide knowledge and support for policy development. As helpful as AI can be, it also brings a host of ethical questions  including privacy, transparency, equality and employment. Through events and online resources, we provide much-needed discussion and information, while creating opportunities for cooperation between governments, industry and academia. 

We invite governments to get engaged and help Asia become a leader in ethical and responsible AI implementation.