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In line with our contribution policy we seek sponsorship that enables us to conduct our research and implement our projects. If you are interested in sponsoring a research paper or a proof of value project please contact us to learn more about these opportunities.



Sponsor a proof-of-value project that provides a societal impact in the Asian region



Sponsor the development of original research on the operationalization of ethics in AI.

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The best solutions are always the ones that can actually be implemented. We know technology isn’t the answer to every problem, but you may be surprised at what can be achieved with the right strategy and partners. 

The first step is always to identify the right problem and we want to hear from you about the issues you are facing in your communities. 

Contact us below and let us know how we can help:

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Sponsoring a project is more than just a way to make a positive difference, it is a powerful ESG tool that can support  market entry strategies and R&D initiatives. Shareholders are starting to demand practical results in terms of AI initiatives and this is a great way to show them practical results in the utilization or AI. Project sponsorship is also great marketing that can be leveraged both internally and externally.

We work with organizations to help find and develop the right sponsorship project. By sponsoring an Aiforgood Asia project, you can get returns in terms of market entry, R&D, and shareholder value likely far and above traditional innovation routes at a fraction of the costs.

​Contact us below to learn more about how to sponsor a project:

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Sponsoring a research project, white paper, or academic paper is a great way for your organization to show that you understand the importance of ethics in AI development. In line with our contribution policy we provide you with a powerful branding and marketing opportunity that allows you to communicate both internally and externally your organization's commitment to the operationalization of ethics in AI development.  

Sponsoring a research initiative is also a great way for organizations to improve their industry knowledge, establish thought leadership, and communicate strategic direction to stakeholders. 

Contact us to find out more about  how you can sponsor a research project or paper.

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