Helping Asia Prepare for a Better Future with AI



Our mission is to support businesses and governments to ensure that AI is implemented in a way that improves society and fights inequality throughout Asia. To achieve this mission engages in six core activities.


AI technologies have potential to solve complex challenges in Asia and if these technologies can get into the hands of tech-savvy social entrepreneurs who want to do good, there is real possibility for improvement in areas including hunger, sanitation, illiteracy, healthcare, conservation, and climate change. We work directly with AI companies to help them share their expertise and technologies, designing specialized programs that connect problem-solvers with technological platforms and resources. With sponsored awards, prizes, innovation sprints and contests, we partner with industry leaders and growing companies to make a difference in the communities they serve and the world at large. These initiatives help give those who want to make a difference with AI the access, resources, and support needed to make the world a better place.


With the recent advances in AI, machines are performing more and more tasks that could previously only be completed by people. These advances are going to have a big impact on the workforce, especially in Asia. This shift increases the need for education and training for the workforce to help countries and people take advantage of the coming AI revolution. We partner with online education platforms to provide training and organize workshops in underprivileged regions, so that society in general can be more ready for the changes in the workplace, and so that AI implementation can maximize benefit for everyone.


To promote cross-functional collaboration and share ideas, we partner with leading institutions and organizations to organize events, conferences, and forums that focus on practical solutions, frameworks and strategies for the ethical development of AI technologies. These events bring together people from each of our pillars, society, business and government to discuss the most important questions and share the latest in available technologies, innovative ideas, policy implications and ethical frameworks.


Businesses must be proactive in understanding how AI will change industries and the workplace. As AI’s capabilities expand, so will its effect on different fields, eventually affecting most industries. Businesses have to be prepared and have an AI strategy in place to remain competitive and ensure that they can stay relevant in a world where AI leaders are playing a winner-takes-all game. Many companies in the region have begun to implement AI systems, but are facing difficulties in scaling up, often because they lack the critical skill sets in data science and have been slow to digitize. In absence of bold interventions and training, it is likely that these companies will be forced to rely on foreign technology providers, leaving them competitively and financially disadvantaged. Through our training and strategy development activities, we aim to supply businesses and organizations with the tools and competences to stay technologically self-reliant.


Working with governments across the region, we advocate for policies that will ensure the protection of data, mitigation of algorithmic bias, and reduction of inequality. This is done by supporting governments in their development and implementation of ethical policies and frameworks related to the responsible and sustainable development of AI. We also hope to work with governments to help develop the right ecosystems that encourage AI solutions that address specific challenges related to poverty, hunger, health, equality, education, and the environment.


Initiatives to prepare businesses, society and governments are necessary to prevent an increase in global inequality, but these initiatives have costs. To meet our goals, we take sponsorship and donations. We use these funds to run our key activities and coordinate events that promote the use of AI to enhance human dignity and serve the global good, ensuring that the people of Asia benefit from the coming advancements of AI and the most underprivileged and vulnerable get the skills and resources they need so that they are not left behind.


Are you passionate about helping people, are you interested in AI, do you have questions or concerns about the future? To become a volunteer, organizer, or contributor, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and tell you how you can get involved and make a difference in your community.