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Our Contributions Policy: Welcome

All contributions, sponsorship, and donations will adhere to our strict contribution policy and only be used to advance the mission, research and projects that aim to improve health and welfare, reduce inequality, fight climate change, and aid conservation efforts that protect endangered species and preserve our oceans and forests. 

As Science and Technology Non-Government Organization, Business Number 0109802932 registered in Vietnam, all contributions will adhere to the obligations under Vietnamese enterprise law. 

Under this policy it is understood that all Aiforgood Asia's sponsors and donors will in no have control or decision-making authority around Aiforgood Asia's mission and outcomes including but not limited to research, projects, published content, and marketing materials. All Aiforgood Asia's funding discussions, agreements, and partnerships will adhere to this policy without exception.

Aiforgood Asia is not a political organization and does not accept contributions to lobby for legislation and does not promote candidates or parties for campaigns or political offices any where in the world.

Although Aiforgood.Asia's contributions will primarily go to a specific research or projects, it is understood a portion of those funds may be allocated for the project management and general administration and the organization reserves the right to allocate the funds to their best use in line with the organizations mission. In the unlikely event that the specific initiative or project changes course or in no longer pursued, the funds will be allocated to a similar initiative consistent with the agreement under which the funds were received.

Aiforgood Asia's agreements, contracts, trusts, and other legal documents will be reviewed, negotiated for compliance as needed, and approved by Aiforgood Asia co-founders and accounting firm. Any contribution agreements that do not meet the principles of this policy will not be accepted.

Last updated: November, 2021

Our Contributions Policy: Text
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