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President & Founder

Jesse is an experienced entrepreneur, researcher, AI consultant, and advocate for the ethical development and deployment of artificial intelligence. Jesse leads the team in conducting original research and implementing projects that help ensure AI is being used to improve society and protect the planet.  Jesse has a passion for helping people and companies utilize technology and regularly advises on digital transformation services and the operationalization of ethics as a service (EaaS).  Jesse, originally from Canada, has been in Asia since 2005 and currently works remotely across borders, from Hanoi, Vietnam.




David is experienced with planning and execution of market entry strategies for technology organizations in both Asia and the US. He focuses on technology-enabled product and business model innovation. David is currently enabling organizations in the Asia-Pacific region to implement and execute Machine Learning projects and strategies as the Regional Commercial Director - Data & AI at Crayon. Originally from Sweden, the majority of his professional career has been spent in Tokyo, San Francisco and Singapore.



Advisor / AI Ethicist

Olivia is an AI Ethicist who strives to bring ethical analysis into tech development to create human-centric innovation. She believes there is strength in human values that, when applied to artificial intelligence, lead to robust technological solutions we can trust. Olivia holds an MSc in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, concentration in AI Ethics with special focus on probability and moral responsibility in autonomous cars, as well as a BA in Philosophy and Entrepreneurship from Baylor University.



Advisor / Adtech Expert

Boice is the Appier Head of Global Partnership, Senior Vice President in charge of expanding the business pipelines through increasing global strategic partnerships, building extensive networks with international exchanges, ad networks, and publishers. Boice is a senior cross functional leader working daily with sales, product, data-science, and technical teams to ensure the optimization of all company campaigns and products. In his current role he provides direction to Appier Partnership Services team for Adtech product development to continuously enhance service offering and increase partner benefits.



Advisor / Robotics Expert

Oliver Tian is the Consultant and Founder of Oliver Tian Associates and the Honorary Council Advisor to the Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association (APARA). He holds various advisory and executive positions in SME as well as multinationals. He is an active Founding Member of the International Alliance of Robotics Associations as well as a Director in the Global Robotics Clusters Group (Daegu, Korea). Oliver is also a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences in Asia Pacific as well as countries in the European Union.



Contributor / Healthcare Expert

Dr. Danielle Anderson obtained her Ph.D. from Curtin University of Technology, Australia for her studies conducted at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Australian Animal Health Laboratory. She is a virologist with research interests including understanding the virus/host relationship of a diverse group of medically important viruses responsible for a high degree of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In January 2020 at Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, Danielle and her team isolated SARS-CoV-2 from the first COVID-19 patients in Singapore and helped to develop and commercialize a test kit for COVID-19.



Contributor / Media Expert

Sheena has been leading strategy and programs on the Google News Initiative since its launch in APAC in 2018. She has worked with partner newsrooms on programs that span the full spectrum of newsroom operations and strategy, from diversity, equity, and inclusion to analytics, data and product design.  She has designed and executed programs like the GNI Design Accelerator & Data Labs in 2019, helping newsrooms develop ideas like content recommendations and content planning based for news products that serve the needs of both their audiences and internal constituencies.



Contributor / Healthcare Expert

Julian has been working in health tech in Asia for the last 10 years, in China and in the ASEAN region, in delivery, consulting and business development roles with software vendors and consulting organizations, with customers including large public and private hospitals and government agencies. For the last four years he have been involved in delivering big data solutions for healthcare providers, including machine learning algorithms for hospitals for determining readmission risks and predicting surgery outcomes.



Advisor / Edutech Expert

Jason is the CEO of TLI, a post he has held since 2012. He has held several global leadership positions since coming to TLI in 2008, including roles in TLI Capital, Media and Education Businesses. During his serving in TLI, Jason integrates a broad background as a global business leader with deep specialized knowledge earned on the ground in key areas where he has served, leading a host of complex transformation and innovation.



Advisor / Data Scientist

Abhinav is a Senior Data Scientist at Tricog Health India where he is developing AI based tools to assist in cardiac testing. He has rich experience of developing deep learning models for variety of fields such as robotics, manufacturing, retail etc. He is highly motivated in ethical usage of AI and has been advocating such usage in various workplaces.



Contributor / Psychology Expert

Shiuan Liu is a writer, educator and musician. He has written 15 books, including essays, travelogues and titles on popular psychology and self-improvement. He is also a music producer and DJ with over 25 years of experience behind the decks. In 2019 he started SoundShine Ltd., a company that promotes positive psychology through writing, storytelling, music and workshops. Xuan holds a BA from Harvard College and M.Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He lives in Taipei with his wife and two children, Liv and Lucas.



Advisor / Data Scientist

Sarvesh is passionate about building software solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Data analytics that enable efficiencies at a scale and sustainable growth in Industries that are core to the fundamental needs of human society. He is the founder & CEO at Singular Intelligence, setup  in partnership with Oxford University and funded by Innovate UK, the UK Innovation agency. Singular Intelligence products enable brands and retailers with automated, real-time analysis and recommendations for targeted, promotions and supply planning.

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Contributor / Generative AI Expert

Joseph is an experienced executive passionate about leveraging AI for innovation in learning and development. As the CEO and Founder of 4Learn, he empowers organizations through learning and development AI tools. He also serves as a Director at Summit Agile Solutions, assisting customers with AI planning and enterprise technology solutions.
With activities in AI organizational learning Joseph is tackling the question of 'Grounding' and how systems can be safe for scaled use. Joseph is from the UK and living across SE Asia since 2017.



Contributor / Research Expert

Dr. Leila Taghizadeh is passionate about using AI to erase longstanding biases, discrimination and inequality in different areas of society. With a diverse educational background in science, engineering and business, and over 10 years of experience in research, fintech and finance sector, she has a good understanding of the problems, and the potential of AI to provide access to people so that they can flourish in their unique way. She is an advisor for c-level in finance sector, public speaker and lecturer for human aspect of technology, security, and data. She obtained her phd for her research in interdisciplinary area between physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.



Geospatial/GIS Specialist

Joseph started out as an astrophysicist in Cork Ireland, specializing in Photonics for his master's. After several years working as a teacher in Hanoi, he returned to Ireland to transition into data science. Today he has returned as an experienced geospatial data scientist and currently works for FPT Software. Despite finding his passion in data science, he has also found himself uncomfortable with what the tools of this field can do if left unchecked. Therefore, he wishes to do his part, however small or large, in ensuring that we are all able to reap the benefits of AI while being protected from the dangers.



Contributor / AI Design Expert

Dr. Sam Conrad Joyce is focused on pushing the intersection between technology and design. With a background in building engineering, architecture, and software development, his EngD is from the Universities of Bath and Bristol. His work on developing algorithms to generate design has led to major commercial contributions in both large building and software projects. He is now leading the Meta Design Lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, a research group working towards creative AI that can learn from, and design for, humans. For this, he believes that ethical thinking should be at the core of any AI design practice.




Helena is interested in the ethical issues surrounding current and emerging technologies. She is an avid researcher in the AI ethics field and is currently studying the MPhil Philosophy research Master's degree at UCL. As part of our research, Helena has been outlining the current ethical landscape of ethics and co-writing papers on how to better understand ethical AI outcomes and what are the principles needed to be implemented to mitigate the negative ones.




Wei-Ann is interested in the development of AI and its applications to sustainability and equitable economic development. He has previous experience in manufacturing where he led cross-functional teams to develop green manufacturing processes. He is an MBA candidate at Cornell University and holds an MEng in biological and environmental engineering, also from Cornell University

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