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AI Implementation and The need for Ethics

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Globally, future outlooks for artificial intelligence (AI) swing between two extremes—excited anticipation about the positive impact AI will have on economies and societies, and deepening fear of its potential to disrupt livelihoods and do harm. In Asia, governments and civil society groups are concerned about defining regulatory frameworks to guard against the latter, and all ecosystem experts are grappling with how to steer AI toward the former, more socially advantageous directions. On balance, however, the Asian business leaders surveyed for this report have great optimism about AI’s positive effect on their businesses, societies, and individual well-being. This report, the fourth in our “Asia’s AI agenda” series, combines an Asia-wide executive survey with expert interviews from industry, government, and academia, and takes the pulse of public and private actors in the AI ethics debate in the region.


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