President, Co-Founder

Jesse is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and advocate for the ethical development of AI & robotics. Jesse believes in the power of people to create change and hopes that he and his companies can inspire the next generation of innovators to help people better manage and work with intelligent machines to create a world with greater equality and better access to resources.



David is a serial entrepreneur, experienced with planning and executing market entry strategies for technology start-ups in the US and Asia. He focuses on technology-enabled product and business model innovation. David was previously the Regional General Manager APAC at ABEJA, Inc. in Singapore, Global Customer Success Manager at Kaizen Platform, Inc. in San Francisco and Director of Global Business at Kabuku Inc. in Tokyo.


Expert /Contributor

Jason is the CEO of TLI, a post he has held since 2012. Mr. Ho has held several global leadership positions since coming to TLI in 2008, including roles in TLI Capital, Media and Education Businesses. During his serving in TLI, Mr. Ho integrates a broad background as a global business leader with deep specialized knowledge earned on the ground in key areas where he has served, leading a host of complex transformation and innovation.


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